Thursday, 21 July 2011

Volkswagen Golf owned by Catherine Middleton for sale on eBay

Catherine Middleton wasn’t always the Duchess of Cambridge, so, when she was just Kate to most, she drove a small blue hatchback, a Volkswagen Golf. Kate did pass the car onto her brother, and the current owner has now made the VW Golf available for sale on eBay. If one were to think this was just another joke, it’s time to head to the eBay page
Catherine Middleton’s wedding Prince William, second in line to the British throne, and her apparent, makes this particular Volkswagen Golf a part of history. It will at some point be a little hatchback that was once owned by the Queen of England. Owner Sonny Brazil did choose to return the men’s cufflinks found in the to the Middleton family.
The eBay page where bids are being accepted shows that the highest bid has not yet met reserve price. The highest bid right now is at £25,100 and we expect this bid to increase by hundreds of thousands of pounds in the coming days. A brand new 1.4L 3 door Golf is available at approximately £13,000 in the UK.


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