Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Rolls Royce costs Aamir Khan Rs 3.11 crore inclusive of duties and special number MH 11 AX 1

MH 11 AX 1. If you’re wondering what’s special about that, that’s what Aamir Khan’s Rolce Royce number plate reads. This weekend the luxury car was registered at the Satara Regional Transport Office (RTO). Deputy regional transport officer V R Gujarathi confrmed that the metallic silver Rolce Royce was Aamir Khan’s and that the actor requested a number ‘1’.
Mumbai based Navneet Motors imported the Rolls Royce from UK for Rs 1.22 crores. Customs Duty on the car amounted to Rs 1.41 crore. The Satara RTO levied a tax of Rs 45.57 lakh for registration and a further Rs. 3 lakh for the special number. MH 11 AX 1 wasn’t viable for the four wheeler series, and has been allotted from the two wheeler series.

The Roll Royce has been registered in the name of Advital Post Studios Ltd, with a Mahabaleshwar taluka address, a property that Aamir bought about five years ago. Tech specs of the Rolls as expected are impressive. This metallic silver car has a 12 cylinder, 6,592 cc engine that can cruise along at 300 kmph. In India, the luxury car segment has been the forte of a chosen few, so, if it’s the Rolls Royce MH 11 AX 1 zipping past, we already know who to expect inside.
Interiors boast of cameras, and touch sensors, and the car has a double exhaust. There’s a concealable monogram, and the bonnet is embellished with the Rolls Royce trademark golden colored ‘R’. Aamir Khan’s Rolls Royce is by far the most expensive car to be registered by the Satara RTO. The reason that Satara is popular as a registration destination is because cars can get a number ‘1’ in their number plate. The pattern looks even more rhythmic and attractive because the city registration number is ‘MH 11’. It’s no surprise that people with luxury cars don’t mind spending a little more in availing of a special registration number.


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