Friday, 15 July 2011

Renault joins hands with Vinci Autoroutes to develop EV charging infrastructure

The French automobile major Renault SA which is betting big on the Electric Vehicle (EV) technology along with its alliance partner Nissan is trying to clear the big hurdle in EV technology growth which is the charging infrastructure.
It has been reported that Renault is partnering with Vinci Autoroutes to develop a French highway network with an EV recharging infrastructure. It was reported that the partners plan three areas of cooperation that will have Vinci drawing on Renault expertise in installing charging stations in carpool parking lots. The partnership has planned 738 carpool parking spaces with charging stations between now and 2013. The partners will also work on installing quick-charging infrastructure at some motorway plazas. A third part of the cooperation will have Vinci buying EVs from Renault for its fleet.

The reports quoted Andre Broto, executive Vice President of Vinci as saying "The partnership with Renault shows that we are determined to be an assertive player in the sphere of sustainable mobility by offering customers motorways that are safer, more user friendly and more environment-protective and encouraging them to drive differently." 


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