Friday, 22 July 2011

Nissan increases the price of EV Leaf by nearly 10 percent

The Japanese automobile maker Nissan’s much touted Electric Vehicle Leaf will have new price badge in U.S for the 2012 model. It has been reported that while the Obama administration has suggested that prices of electric vehicles should come down as they become more popular and battery costs are reduced, Nissan has announced that it's increasing the price of its zero-emission Leaf to $35,200 for the 2012 model year.
According to reports, the 2011 base model Leaf is selling for $32,780 and the SL model sells for $33,720. For 2012, Nissan will add some features to the base model as it raises the price to $35,200 and the SL model will be increased to $37,250. The company will also begin to offer cold weather features like a battery warmer and heated seats.
It was mentioned in the reports that Nissan didn't give a reason for the hefty price increase, but the company says demand is strong and it plans to increase production.


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