Friday, 22 July 2011

Hyundai Motor India Foundation initiates Project Go Green

Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF) has launched 2 corporate social responsibility programs, ‘Adoption of Model Villages,’ and ‘Project Go Green’ at Irrungattukottai and are measures to bring socio economic development to their neighborhood communities. Project Go Green will help farmers generate income and is a novel tree planting project that will see HMIF distribute a saplings to farmers by the end of 2011. An NGO called TIST has been roped in to monitor the project. HMIF will provide the sapling (jackfruit, teak, and mango) as well as pay for its maintenance and upkeep.
HMIF trustee, R Sethuraman had this to say. “Through this project, all of us get to gain.” “We earn our carbon credits as an organization and the farmer in the end gets to gain from the proceeds of sale of the produce, which will add to his income.” “We are committed to developing the community around us. Every year, we add fresh initiatives to the long list of already existing projects, while we continue to nurture and expand them. Being a part of these initiatives gives me immense happiness and contentment.”

Started in 2006, about Rs 100 per car sales goes to the Hyundai Motor India Foundation, and an investment of Rs 20 crore has been made towards CSR projects road safety, community development, healthcare, and education. Hyundai Motor India Foundation also distributed 200 tables and chairs to teachers from 50 schools, and 450 sets of benches to government schools. The event also played host to handing out certificates to 50 under-privileged nursing students whose education HMIF sponsored.


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