Friday, 22 July 2011

General Motors resumes the production of its EV Volt

American automobile major General Motors has announced that it has restarted production of its Chevy Volt Electric Vehicle after taking a month to improve productivity of the Detroit Hamtrack assembly line.
According to the reports, GM said that the line is now producing about three times as many vehicles as it was before. Meanwhile, its competitor Nissan Motor has announced that it will increase the price of its zero-emission 2012 Leaf and G.M. announced that it will reduce the price of the 2012 Volt by $1,000, while offering new options.
It was mentioned that the base model Volt will sell for $39,995. G.M. also announced last month that it would begin selling Volts in all 50 states. Nissan announced the price of 2012 model of Leaf for $ 35,280.


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