Friday, 15 July 2011

Fiat planning to expand to 100 dealers in China by 2012

The Italian automobile giant Fiat Group Automobiles, a unit of Fiat Spa, plans to expand its dealership network in China to around 100 dealers from 40 by September 2012.
All the major automobile companies in the world are looking to expand their presence in China which has become the largest automobile market now surpassing U.S. The reports state that Fiat Group Automobiles will also launch in China a medium sedan, known as the C-medium, specially designed for the Chinese market in September next year.

The reports quoted a Fiat executive Lorenzo Sistino as saying "Today we have 40 dealers and our target is to have 100 dealers by the launch of the C-medium, by September more or less next year.’’ Fiat Group Automobiles aims to sell around 140,000 of the medium sedan per year from its launch, around half the company's 300,000 car sales forecast for 2014, according to reports. 


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