Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ferrari NA launches free seven-year maintenance on back of record sales

There's no question that buying a Ferrari is an expensive proposition. But so is owning one. The cost of insurance, fuel, tires and maintenance can be crushing, but it now becomes much easier, as Ferrari announces a free seven-year maintenance program for newly purchased vehicles.

The program is being launched in markets around the world, and has just been announced for North America. It covers regularly scheduled annual maintenance at the dealership, including labor, replacement parts and lubricants.

That makes it a no-brainer for owners to keep their cars in peak condition, but should also give some peace of mind to future buyers of used Ferraris dating back to this point, knowing that the vehicle has been properly maintained by Ferrari-trained staff. Curiously, however, while the program encompasses the 458 Italia, FFand California, the 599 appears to be left out.

The announcement comes on the back of the most productive and profitable half for Ferrari, whose net profits climbed by nearly a quarter, based on delivery of 11.8 percent more cars than the first half of last year.

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