Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ever Imagined if LCV at 70 Kmph crashes into you, what will happen ? See the Video

The IIHS may have a new video player for its crash test video content, but we guarantee none of those clips are as terrifying as what Germany's ADAC has cooked up. Rather than capture the destructive forces of one or two cars involved in a low speed collision, ADAC upped the ante by involving three vehicles, one of which is a large truck barreling down on two parked cars at 43 miles per hour. Oh, and the parked cars are stopped right in front of a large object that has no intention of moving. You know, like a building.

The motive for this crash test isn't just a group of engineers having fun with large toys, but to demonstrate the force involved with a truck crashing at speed. ADAC wants to see Emergency Brake Assist systems made mandatory on large trucks, and this video certainly helps the company's cause

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