Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Delhi car rental company buys fleet of 90 Mercedes

A Delhi-based car rental company has purchased a record number of 90 Mercedes Benz cars from the company dealer in Gurgaon on Monday. 

This is the biggest single deal made by the company in the country. Each customized, gold-tinged C-class Merc costs more than Rs 28 lakh. 

Rajiv Vij, managing director of the firm, said the new fleet will add to his company's fleet of Mercedes Benz. "In 2008, we bought 70 such cars. They were all silver coloured. This time we went for 90 C class cars," said Vij, whose rental company - Carzonrent India - offers a wide range of luxury cars, ranging from C-class Mercs to S-class models, on rent. 

Vij said the purchase was made keeping in mind the rising demand for luxury vehicles in cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Bombay, Chennai and Hyderabad. 

"Today, almost 25% of our car rental revenues come from the luxury segment," he said, adding the company is now looking forward to build a fleet of limousines. 

The deal bodes well for the luxury car market of the country, with the client base rapidly expanding in the metropolises. Senior officials at Mercedes Benz believe that in the next 10 years there will be a boom in the market for high-end luxury vehicles. 

Upcoming corporate hubs like Gurgaon remain promising markets for luxury cars, with Mercedes Benz alone selling more than a fifth of the company's total sales here. "Our customer base in Gurgaon is growing at a rapid pace. Around 20-30% of our total countrywide sales takes place here," said Debashis Mitra , director, sales and marketing for Mercedes Benz India . 

Gurgaon, however, lags behind bigger cities like Delhi, which has around three times more buyers of the car than in the Millennium city. 

"In Gurgaon we are selling around 300-400 cars a year," said a company representative. He added that the overall luxury segment currently constitutes about 5% of the automobile market of the country.


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