Saturday, 23 July 2011

Chevrolet introduces Transformers Limited Edition Beat and Cruze

Chevrolet has realized the importance of cashing in on the craze for Transformers movie and Transformer collectibles. Chevrolet has come out with a limited edition of Transformers Beat and Cruze. These two cars have been launched in Korean markets and have seen tremendous success. ‘Transformers’ is emblazoned across bonnet and wheels of Beat in official font. Korean markets which were privileged to get these limited editions also saw it out of stocks in no time at all.

Bumblebee look alike Cruze was launched only in Chinese auto market. This is also a limited edition with a Transformers kind of makeover to attract the attention of movie buffs. Latest Hollywood movie, Transformers 3, has managed to set box office records and has reportedly earned billions of dollars in profits.

Chevrolet is not planning any launch of any limited edition of Transformer Cruze or Beat in India, but we do have Chevrolet Beat to look forward to on 25th of this month.


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