Friday, 22 July 2011

Chevrolet Colorado SUV for emerging markets in context to General Motors SUV platform for Indian auto market

The next gen Chevrolet Colorado compact/midsize pickup will soon go into mass production, but the focus here seems to be on a not so rugged-looking Colorado-based SUV spied when testing at the Death Valley. This variant of the global market truck does put to use strong-looking skid plates underneath, and a solid rear axle.
Keeping in mind that the Chevrolet Equinox is a modern day vehicle, the Colorado SUV seems a little behind time. The Chevrolet Colorado SUV could be a perfect fit in North America as buyers here have supported the 5th gen Toyota 4Runner. A ready market for body-on-frame SUVs isn’t altogether gone, and more details will be available for the Chevrolet Colorado SUV once the Colorado pickup makes its entry this fall.
This rugged SUV, similar to the pickup may not be for the US and Canadian market. The upcoming Colorado-based SUV seems to be an off road-oriented truck-based vehicle meant for emerging markets, and will in comparison bear the inexpensive tag. GM is at the moment looking forward to the Chevrolet Beat diesel launch on 25th July 2011, and may in time look at the SUV segment as part of their product portfolio expansion plan.


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