Saturday, 16 July 2011

Aston Martin to establish an independent sales company in China

China which is the world’s largest automobile market is also one of the fastest if not the fastest growing luxury car market in the world. Already most of the global luxury car makers have set shops in China and many of them are manufacturing the vehicles there. Now it has been reported that British iconic luxury car maker Aston Martin will be establishing an independent sales company in China, according to its CEO of Aston Martin Ulrich Bez.

The reports stated that Dr. Bez added that the manufacturer will be opening 14 dealers in the country. It was also mentioned that according to Dr. Bez, Aston Martin was unable to capitalize on the quick pace of development in the Chinese market due to its late entry. The company is now resolved to gain permission to export vehicles on its own terms to China as soon as possible.
The reports stated that Aston Martin currently has exports vehicles in bulk quantities, which are then sold through third-party dealers. In the previous fiscal year beginning April 2010, Aston Martin sold 4,299 vehicles worldwide.


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